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  X-tend Christmas tree food is an exciting new product specifically developed and formulated to enhance the quality and lifespan of real Christmas trees. Its formulation
  is based on extensive research conducted by experts in the field of plant physiology.
  When a real Christmas tree is harvested it has obvious implications for the growth, development and survival of the detached trunk. The loss of the root system does not
  only influence water and nutrient uptake but also the balance in growth regulators that govern the biological functions of the tree. In addition, the tree is no longer able
  to sustain itself in its new artificial environment and is also more exposed to microbial infections. If these factors are managed proactively it can increase the quality
  and lifespan of the tree on display.
  Three aspects of the display that are managed by X-tend Christmas tree food to improve the quality and lifespan of a real Christmas trees are...
  * The tree’s ability to take up and utilise water.
  * The regulation of the tree’s nutritional, growth and development requirements.
  * The quality of the water.
  Please refer to the information section for more detailed information.
Product of South Africa